URL Monitor - Monitor websites for changes!

URL Monitor offers a service to monitor website(s) for changes and be notified nearly instantly.


Notifications are sent via email or text/SMS message, and are to be expanded to also include twitter and instant messaging such as MSN, ICQ, AOL, Jabber, GTalk, etc.

To receive text/SMS messages, you need to purchase credits from your account page. These credits are € 0.25 per message and can currently be bought per 10 or 50 messages.


Currently, only one subscription has been configured that allows a single URL to be monitored for free.

If you have a need for more URLs to be monitored, please contact us, and we can set this up for you quickly.

We are working hard to make available other, more useful subscription as soon as possible.

How it works

URLs are retrieved every 5 minutes, after which they are compared with the previous version. If there were any visible changes, a new version is stored. On the URL overview page, each version can be viewed with changes highlighted.

To start, please Log in and start adding URLs!


The URL Monitor Team
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